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Award-winning solution giving you insight about your customer demographics,
when they shop and what they buy.

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Our solution

One sensor for full customer analytics

The RQ sensor uses cutting edge A.I. technology to help you understand your customer’s shopping motivations, product preferences and if those have been influenced by your in-store marketing touch points.

Our smart data analytics algorithms then help you transform this information to actionable insights, on how to drive revenue, optimize your business and save costs.

Unveiling the entire customer journey

Measure what products spark interest in your store window

Know if your customers are finding, what they are looking for in your stores


Understand your customer’s shopping motivation

Quantify customer satisfacation and rate of return over all stores

How does it work?


Mount the RQ sensor near your cash register

Immediately start generating valuable customer meta information

Let our A.I. automate your customer analytics process

Let us help you

  • Automate your data analytics


  • Understand the wants and needs of your customers


  • Optimize your business based on data


  • Unlock opportunities and revenue growth


Designed around your needs

✓ Most cost-efficient solution

✓ Connect to your system via API

✓ Simple plug & play installation

All captured meta data is hosted and processed in Germany in accordance with strict German privacy protection laws (GDPR/DSGVO).

✓ 98% of customer traffic captured 24/7

✓ State of the art artificial intelligence engine

✓ All common cash-register systems integrated

Get started in 3 easy steps


1. Get in touch with the RetailQuant Team

2. Set up the sensor and
start collecting data

3. Start your personal A.I. driven data analytics

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